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VRT is a bodybuilding system that builds muscle; it is an exercise, not isometrics, and has aerobic characteristics too; it is similar to but predates DVR. It is better than calisthenics, running, or jogging; it helps you in football, wrestling, and arm wrestling. It's as good as or better than weight lifting or weight training, and requires no weights. It develops muscle growth. It does not require a Bullworker or a Bully extreme or the use of a Total Gym. Charles Atlas taught dynamic tension, and it is better than this in its ability to build muscle. Power calisthenics, powerlifting, olympic lifting, push ups, pull ups, and chin ups cannot compare to results you'll see; pumping iron will take a second place to Visualized resistance. No need for Pilates, a Bowflex, a Soloflex, a Nautilus, or a Universal weight machine; this system takes the place of all of them. It encourages weight loss for the overweight, and muscle gain and weight gain for the thin person. John Peterson uses a system similar to this in his Transformetrics program. Ross Enamait, Matt Furey with his Combat Conditioning, and Pavel Tsatsouline also recognize this system too.

VRT is a totally weightless, non-apparatus bodybuilding method that can be done anywhere, even in an office, and only requires self-resistance. This workout is isotonic, and can build strength and muscle without weights. It does not require one to stretch or do an isometric exercise to build muscles

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